Acrylic painting done by Washington Gomes

Painting on canvas

Artist Washington Gomes says in an interview that for him, painting a canvas means much more than a hobby, it takes a lot of discipline, dedication and perseverance.

My passion for art goes beyond tattooing, it’s something that transcends my lifestyle. It’s amazing how we artists are able to express our feelings in painting, even if no one notices. Painting is my moment of reflection on life, my meditation, it is where I usually like to relieve the tension of the often troubled daily life. It is literally my calm, my refuge, a moment where I renew my strength to dedicate my time to my other passion, which is tattooing.

The fact that you can reproduce something the way your eyes see it is something I find incredible. The Washington artist commented on his admiration for several renowned painters who were part of art history in the world. Big names like: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio among many other artists by name who were great influencers in his artistic career.

I searched for some paintings by the artist Washington Gomes, among the incredible arts, click here to check and evaluate this incredible work.

Acrylic Painting Jaguar – By Washington Gomes

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Fernanda Monteiro Fernandes

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