Popularly known as the black and gray tattoo, the black and gray tattoo consists of a range of different shades of black, depending on the art the tattoo receives some pigments of white ink . 

Realistic tattoos in this style are arts that faithfully follow the reference image, and after completed look like black and white photos printed on the skin. The details of the reference and the shading are fundamental to obtain the expected result.

It is noteworthy that in addition to tonality, the healing process of the black and gray tattoo is different from the colored tattoo, healing tends to be faster. It is essential to follow the guidelines of your tattoo artist.

A good artist, evaluates the quality of the reference image, values the smallest details and uses excellent materials.

According to the artist and tattoo artist Washington Gomes, the study of a tattoo artist must be constant.

We need to improve our techniques every day to be successful in a job. As I gained knowledge and experience in the art, my way of reproducing was gaining a new face. I believe that I am still evolving because I continue to seek new knowledge.

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Black and Gray Jaguar and Snake Realism
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Black and Gray Realism
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Fernanda Monteiro Fernandes

Executive director, Civil Engineer, Writer and Coach.