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Realistic Tattoo

Hand Tattoos

To ensure that your tattoo on your hands remains beautiful, we recommend moisturizing every day.Anyone who has had tattoos knows that keeping the skin moisturized is essential, and on the hands it becomes even more necessary.For the first days of healing, we recommend the application of a small amount of ointment suitable for tattooing.Always ask …

Realistic Tattoo

Tattoo Aftercare

Cuidando da tatuagem, durante e depois! A internet traz muitas informações sobre os cuidados com a tatuagem. Mas afinal, o que devemos realmente levar em consideração? Na década de 1960, no Brasil, a tatuagem era vista com preconceito e discriminação. Informações sobre como uma pessoa poderia fazer arte sem inverter a pele de outra pessoa …

Realistic Tattoo

What is Tattoo In Colorful Realismo?

The tattoo in colored realism consists of a technique used to reproduce a color image, as faithful as possible. Before starting a work of colorful realism, the artist must evaluate the client’s skin tone, as the skin tone interferes in the result of the ink pigmentation, consequently interfering in the final result of the tattoo. …

Realistic Tattoo

Black and Gray Realistic tattoo

Popularly known as the black and gray tattoo, the black and gray tattoo consists of a range of different shades of black, depending on the art the tattoo receives some pigments of white ink .  Realistic tattoos in this style are arts that faithfully follow the reference image, and after completed look like black and white photos …