The tattoo in colored realism consists of a technique used to reproduce a color image, as faithful as possible.
Before starting a work of colorful realism, the artist must evaluate the client’s skin tone, as the skin tone interferes in the result of the ink pigmentation, consequently interfering in the final result of the tattoo.

In the realistic tattoo it is common to see pictures of animals, faces and objects being tattooed. It is like eternalizing a work of art on the skin, and when I say a work of art it is because it really is a work of art that an artist will execute on his skin, because to achieve a precise realism the artist has to have a lot of experience, to understand colorimetry, art, pigmentation and all this takes a lot of time. Depending on the size and details of the tattoo, a work of realism can last from 9 hours to 20 hours.

The Washington tattoo artist emphasizes the importance of studying the art that will be performed, taking into account, skin tone, size of the art, details, duration. For there are a number of factors for the art to be executed as planned.
Washington also mentions the importance of using quality materials, and also the client’s comfort so that exhaustion is not a critical factor that can interfere with the progress and development of the tattoo.

The artist should feel comfortable executing the project, after all, it will be long hours of concentration, dedication and involvement.

Each tattoo tells a story, creates a bond between the tattoo artist and the client. Hours are added between design and execution of art. I have affection for each art, each client, each story. I am very grateful to God and my clients for allowing me to go further, to overcome myself every day.

Realism demands a lot from the tattoo artist because a mistake can make the tattoo unrecognizable. So it is essential to look for a specialized artist, who will know how to choose together with the client the best photo, the best positioning and the best area of the body to be tattooed based on the chosen design

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Written by

Fernanda Monteiro Fernandes

Executive director, Civil Engineer, Writer and Coach.